You won’t find a better teammate in this emotional and technical process.

Nate Evans is a Realtor Extraordinaire!

We sold our home through a different realtor (not Nate!) and I wasn’t pleased with the lack of service and explanations given throughout the process.

We used Nate when we went to find a new home because we’d heard such good things about

We were looking for something particular, yet completely ill-defined at the same time. We had some neighborhoods we really liked, but the areas were spread throughout the entire county. I had certain features I really, really wanted, and certain (very popular) features that I really, really hated. Needless to say, I wasn’t an easy customer.

However, Nate knew our vision and worked to the bone to help us. In fact, in the beginning of our search, he knew a perfect house for us, and he was right, but I delayed for way too long and the opportunity passed us by. Which was totally my fault.

After that, he researched every opportunity that came our way and showed us what must add up to nearly 80 homes. I’m not kidding. Yet, he never showed any irritation. He was always happy to see us and always prompt about communicating.

He also was a great sport when we had to bring my 2 young daughters to view houses. And though they slowed us down, Nate was always pleasant and funny.

The point of this extremely long review is that I highly recommend Nate Evans for helping you buy or sell a home. He knows the process. He knows the market and the region. He knows construction. And he knows people. You won’t find a better teammate in this emotional and technical process.

— user298989